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February 17, 2012


Here’s an idea of why you should Choose Education, Choose Murray My next seven days: Today: helping lead the AGORA on the subject of Education in Latin America. Monday: teaching sixth form students Politics in the morning before a meeting on the NUS Conference with the other delegates where I will outline my motion on […]

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On the Breakfast show with BBC Radio Kent this morning

January 10, 2012


This morning I was on the phone with BBC Radio Kent to discuss the surge in UCAS applications and what it means for Higher Education, and for the protest movement. Have a listen and provide some feedback below on how you think it went

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Statement to BBC Radio Kent regarding stabilising of application rates to UCAS

January 9, 2012


In preparation for being on BBC Radio Kent tomorrow I have provided them a brief statement regarding my thoughts on the recent figures that show a stabilising of applicants from November – when numbers were down on the year before 12.9% – to a discrepancy of only 6.4% compared to 2011. “Its encouraging to see […]

“Don’t worry Cameron, I can see your Big Society…” posted on Bright Green

January 8, 2012


Why not have a look at an article of mine posted to Bright Green. A blog featuring  news and analysis for the green and progressive movement and one of Britain’s leading left wing blogs.

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Round up of local Kent stories from the Week

January 6, 2012


Paul Carter uses an olive branch to swipe at journalists This week leader of Kent County Council Paul Carter, who has courted controversy on local and national levels recently, used his annual summary to first extend a peace offering to local media, before using it as an opportunity to criticise them. Twitter responses from journalists, […]

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It took me three months until I finally visited and saw what OSLX has to offer. How long will it take you?

January 5, 2012


Occupy London looked like it was about to take off when I finally visited today. Under a blistering assault from the elements that had claimed a generator and levelled the welfare tent, I took a guided tour of the camp. Although the wind had redesigned parts and sent some to their tents to occupy sleeping […]

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Iowa caucus confirms predictions choosing a candidate that represents a liability to the Republican party, America and the rest of the world

January 4, 2012


The Iowa caucus confirmed every prediction in selecting a God fearing candidate with eccentric policies who represents a liability to the Republican party, America and the rest of the world. Could have been any of them really. Mitt Romney was declared first in the early hours only eight votes of the 122,255 cast ahead of […]

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