Extended manifesto

Posted on February 25, 2012


Vote for the candidate that doesn’t just make empty statements, but can identify examples of where and how they have made progress on each and every manifesto point.

Here are examples of the progress I have made for each pledge


  1. For more study space at more flexible hours with a library that is open later on Sundays:
    Brought up the issue to the Templeman Development Consultation Group of which I am the Undergraduate Representative to which they responded positively to having a section of the Library open at later hours than is currently operated. I am now campaigning for this to be trialed with a focus on Sunday hours being extended
  2. Exam feedback and a better turn around for marking:
    Having sat on the Education Zone Committee I have worked to survey students on the subject of feedback and have overseen the passing of policy on the subject of feedback. I have also talked to staff extensively on the matter and am proud of the progress that has been made this year
  3. For greater innovation in teaching and assessment methods:
    I have personally initiated a report into the varieties that exist looking for feedback from students and staff and have met with a representative of the Unit for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching
  4. For the opportunity for student choice in proportions of exams and coursework:
    I have looked at how Durham’s implementation has effected student satisfaction positively and increased the working relationship between staff and students. I have also discussed the matter with lecturers and hope to bring this as a discussion point to the Education Zone
  5. For a better deal for students within their local community and University:
    I have run for the local council and come closer than any other student to achieving representation on Canterbury City Council, falling short of unseating the Council leader in the campus ward. I have also worked with local media, residents and schools to improve the improve the representation of students
    I have attended meetings with the Universities executive group on topics greatly effecting current and future students and have worked with lecturers to help improve Kent Union policy on education matters
  6. Further opportunities for teaching in local schools as volunteering, paid work and as a form of assessment:
    I am part of a module which sees me assessed on my ability to teach in a local school. It challenges me, improves my confidence and makes me learn in a style much different to the format of lectures, seminars, essays and exams. It also helps improve the Universities image and helps the students and teachers of the school
  7. Defend the range of departments and modules that are on offer
    I have fought for our lecturers on the topic of teachers pensions and departmental cuts on numerous occasions and as such have developed a working relationship with the teachers Unions. I have also stressed the importance to local and national media of the importance of retaining the diversity of modules on offer
  8. Continue the campaign against cuts and higher fees
    I wont just give up on this campaign like others have proposed. The cuts and higher fees have dramatic implications for Higher Education and so we must do what we can to defend our lecturers and students from the negative impacts. I have worked with student unions around the country on this subject and will continue to do so, just as our current VP Education has
  9. Fight for Post-Graduate students – an all too often overlooked demographic of Kent
    I have worked with the Graduate School Association on the subject of representation and am appalled at how Kent Union has failed to provide the body with adequate support. This must change and I propose a role on the Education Zone reserved for a Postgraduate student to ensure this
  10. Make sure that Medway continues to improve in terms of teaching, facilities and representation
    I have worked on numerous occasions at the Medway, K College and Mid Kent College cmpuses. They exist and they have real demands that must be addressed. I have brought up the topic before and have direct suggestions for improvements due to having worked alongside students and staff
  11. Work to see better integration between different schools and departments
    I have worked with staff in my own department, but also from several others in campaigning for better pensions and from the work that I have had to do as a representative. My suggestions for more wild modules for first years should help address this
  12. Continue to oversee the Templeman development to ensure it suits the needs and requirements of students
    I not only sit as the Undergraduate representative, but also have made enquiries to students and staff at Kent and Library staff at other Universities. I have helped influence the brief and will view each and every design proposal from the different architecture firms. I have the knowledge that would mean I can already make the right demands for students
  13. Continue to increase the transparency and accountability of Kent Union through the promotion of the democratic structures and accessible reports on their progress
    I have spent the year writing reports for Inquire and have created a facebook group for the Zones with which I regularly update students of the progress from their democratic structures. I have been critical of the failure of the Union to do this job instead of me, and would insist that students were better updated on the decisions made and of bringing stdents to the Zones and Council
  14. Work with the Liberation campaigns to ensure the best teaching and living experience can be offered to all students at Kent
    I have a strong working relationship with each of the Liberation campaign officers and have helped to increase awareness in the past two years of events held and offerred support as well. I see their role as key to campus and would seek to encourage and support the work that they do next year
  15. Move Kent Union towards a more sustainable and ethical vision
    As the former Ethics and Environmental officer I worked with the University and other students to make ethcial demands and to improve the sustainability of campus. I am now in the process of producing a guide for student societies called “sustainable society” which will help groups to lessen their negative impact while increasing their own budgets.


Finally, here is an example of all the roles thatI currently am elected or delegated to


Student Ambassador since 2009, Ethics and Environmental Officer 2010-11, Eliot Student Committee 2012, Education Committee Zone 2011-12, NUS Delegate 2012, Sit on the Teaching Room Improvement Group, Sit on the Templeman Development Consultative Group, Volunteer as a Mentor to a student from Archbishops High School

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